This is the blog of a graduate student in religious studies. My niche is American Muslims and I’m most interested in questions in the orbit of sexuality, gender, queerness, embodiment, and sacred space. Besides Islamic studies, I also have academic backgrounds in architecture and Orthodox Christianity–both of which continue to drive my interests in materiality and space/place.

Also, as most grad students tend to have, I have a life off campus. What I pursue academically is prompted by personal experiences as a queer Muslim and a Greek-American and vice versa. This blog is where both worlds–university and not–can interact in the open. I’m often times immediately embarrassed by what I write here, but all in all, I think such writing has an intrinsic value–that is, allowing me a space where the entanglement of “real life” and academics is a priori and where the personal can be openly political.

Comments are welcome on my blog, as long as they come from a place of respect and adab. I welcome conversations via email too: gnf@bu.com. Follow me on Twitter @Hanif_Kiriakos.


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