on silence and words

the more I speak
the cloudier my vision becomes,
a dream remembered upon waking
evaporates in the dawn light.

how much i wish to remain
in the dark and blue light
of silent morning prayer
listening to god’s chanted words
joined by the worship-songs of birds.

oh! this time before words!
and yet, do i not know already
that it is a time between heart beats
and how much do the lungs thirst for air.

oh sustainer, you blow life into us.
there are times for words
and times for none.
there are times for breathing in
and times for breathing out.
there are times betwixt and between
and an end and a beginning.

As dawn evaporates the dark and holy silence
I see the holiness in the light and the words.


About Garrett Kiriakos-Fugate

grad student in Islamic studies, student of architecture, queer, radical moose+lamb, language nerd, folk dancer, musician, lover of books and writing
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