The whale of this world

has swallowed me

and in the darkness

God silently responds

to the aches of my heart,

Saying: “you are will

and I am Truth.

Do you recognize My Embrace?”

Now I am dazed,

naked on the shore.

The sea is my mother.

She says: “Remember

I did not breathe life into you.

Do not cling to me.

I can only give you love.

Now, my son, walk

where only souls can walk.”


I have no clothes, no security;

Yet I have all the clothing

that I will ever need.

I return to my city

and I realize that

I have not returned.

We never really return to anywhere

After we are (re)born like this.

“(Any)where” does not really have

a meaning anymore.

This city is a different place

because I have changed.

In submission

I never tire of saying

to my Beloved:

“I am will,

You are Truth.

Accepting Your Hand,

Let me embody You.”

It is in our nakedness

that we cloth You.


About Garrett Kiriakos-Fugate

grad student in Islamic studies, student of architecture, queer, radical moose+lamb, language nerd, folk dancer, musician, lover of books and writing
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